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Swampmonster Kennels (NALC Catahoulas and UKC/AKC Registered Blueticks)

 is striving to produce some of the best hog dogs around. We hunt and raise NALC Catahoulas and UKC Blueticks. We have been training and raising our pack of elite hounds and catahoulas for 8 years now. I can say that we are proud of what we have accomplished so far. Our dogs are producing hogs in the field eighty percent of the time. You won't find dogs much better then these. We hunt many different types of terrain and our dogs do very well in all conditions. If you have any questions or just fell like chatting just give us a call or e-mail us. We would be glad to answer any questions.

Our Catahoulas go all the way back to Foundation Stock like Sandhill and Tophand.  They also have many other lines including Wager, Wise, Happy Hollow, Dixie, Delta, Aden, King, Rene, and Panhead. Alot of people probably have never heard of these lines to much. Most of these lines of catahoulas are used for working dogs not in the pen. We strictly hunt the woods and do not mess around in the competition ring. Nothing wrong with it if you like it we just enjoy the woods over the pen.

  We have been hunting and raising NALC Catahoulas for about eight years now. We have hunted several different breeds of curs and stuck with the NALC Catahoulas.  They are very smart, agile, and have stamina like no other. 

UKC Message BoardsWe have been hunting and raising UKC Blueticks for about eight years now.  We have tried plotts, redbones, and several other hound breeds.  None have stood up to the bluetick.  I would never hunt another hound if it were given to me.  The pack of blueticks at swamp monster kennels is top notch.  They produce hogs 80% of the time.

Check out the new forum (North Florida Hoggers).The site is new and being improved. So sign up and post away.

Swampmonster Kennels Sign



 This picture was taken back in the 1970's of some of the original Foundation Stock Catahoulas. Several of our catahoulas go back to these lines. Special Thanks to Carolyn Spence of Sandhill Catahoulas for the picture. Without these breeders no one would have the dogs they are using today.



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